June 2013

Travelport loves Melbourne Michelle’s Excess Luggage  

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Susan Lin, Travelport PR Manager, Asia-Pacific

Like many others at Travelport, Michelle Riel, Melbourne-based Business Development Manager, loves to travel.  In  2010, her passion led her into packing up and leaving everything behind – a great job, family and friends – in exchange for 12 months to travel the world.

Over the 12 months, Michelle travelled to 27 countries and visited her dream destinations, including ALL of the new Seven Wonders of the World.  Her most memorable moments were all captured with her Nikon D5000 camera and when she returned home to Australia, Michelle came back with her excess luggage, filled with photos, memories and unforgettable adventures that will be ingrained with her for life.

Since then, Michelle has compiled her most special memories and had them published into a photo book, aptly-named Excess Luggage, to help the lives of underprivileged children across the world. The book, available in both electronic and hardcopy formats, can be purchased from  All proceeds from the book sales are donated to Peru’s Challenge, Children’s Hour, Poverty Aid 4 Cambodia and TLC for Kids.

Connections interviewed Michelle recently to tell us more about herself and her amazing initiative:

What inspires you to travel?

I once read a quote:  Quit Your Job, Get A Tan, Fall In Love, Never Return.’  Yes, I returned with a perfect tan but whatmatters the most was the lifetime experience that I can call my own, which is priceless and inspiring.  Excess Luggage tells you how travelling actually feeds the soul.

Of all the places you have visited, which country/city/landmark is the most inspiring?

So many to mention but Petra held the key to my long-standing lifetime dream and turned it into reality.   It was a quest within a quest and meant breaking my budget, but what have I to lose when placed in contrast which what I was to gain, to claim that I have seen ALL the Seven new Wonders of the World.  However, the volunteer work in Peru has truly opened my mind and heart, a transforming experience that will stay with me for a lifetime.

So what really made you decide to drop everything and take the year-long trip?

“Would love to travel the world one day” was something I often said.  Then circumstances said it was time to go, especially having dealt with two deaths within a two-week period, which was a reinforcement that ‘life is short’ and everything else is secondary.

Any reasoning for specifically choosing the charities Peru’s Challenge, Children’s Hour, Poverty Aid 4 Cambodia and TLC for Kids? 

Peru’s Challenge was where I did my four-week volunteer work;  Children’s Hour being based in my country of birth and close to my heart;  Poverty Aid 4 Cambodia where I travelled with a couple involved with the organisation whilst I was in the Mekong Delta and, finally, I wanted to support an organisation close to home, so I included TLC for Kids, which is based in Melbourne.

Next travel destination?

Japan is still in my bucket list, as it was part of my itinerary initially but I traded it for Petra.

In the photo book, which is your favorite shot and why?

I have several but the photo (page 122) of tiny me sitting on the most impressive door of ‘The Monestery’ was a memory of 850 steps walk up-hill, a total of seven hours of walking in the dusty roads and hills of Petra.  I still remember that day, which was the moment that I was able to utter:  ‘I am ready go home!’

Patrick Andres, VP and Regional Managing Director, Asia-Pacific, who is a supporter of Michelle’s book, says, “I think Michelle’s pictures are amazing. I admire her for having the courage to live her dream, for putting the book together, and for doing all of this to support such a great cause.”

You can support Michelle by purchasing your copy on!

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