Day 2 – Luxury Mekong River Cruise: The Secret of Vietnamese Men’s Virility

Vinh Long authentic local market

After the fun and entertaining night I went to bed and slept like a baby. The following day I woke up to the sounds of the Delta coming to life for another day.  We started the day with a hearty breakfast as our tour guide announced that our excursion begins with a local boat trip at 8.30 am for Cai Be.

We arrived at Cai Be at around 9.00 am. The tour started with a visit to the colourful Cai Be floating market. The floating market is also one of the region’s busiest markets. This was followed by a visit to locale home factories: a candy workshop, and rice paper manufacturer where I volunteered to show the rest of the group on how to make a rice paper.  While I enjoyed the tasting of fruits and the Vietnamese cuisine, there’s one delicacy that I dared to try: the famous Vietnamese wine snake. According to the locals, snake wine is considered as “medicine of the

people.” For a tourist like me, I was just curious how strongit was to get me buzzed.  After listening on the process of the wine preparation then seeing the final product, I dared myself to have a shot of it.

True enough, I felt it in my veins and mouth and head. I still have a vivid memory of the snake’s head. The wine is also highly regarded as an aphrodisiac by Vietnamese men. At least, we now know the secret of Vietnamese men’s virility.  To sober up myself, I sat for a jasmine tea break and ginger candies tasting.

At lunchtime, we sailed via a small boat to Vihn Long.  Vinh Long is a town along the banks of the Mekong River. Out trip to Vihn Long was breathtaking as we passed through the beautiful islands along the Mekong River.  As we went by the calm watery landscapes, intertwined by narrow canals, it was interesting to see the wooden bridges made from the trunks of coconut palms or bamboo.  It was good to witness simple lifestyle in their stilt houses at the river and to have a feel once again of the country’s scenery.

Here you will find a variety of exotic fruits and vegetables and an abundance of dexterously made handiworks and crafts of the regions.  It was interesting to witness the trading happening in the place.  An added interest was to see a variety of live aquatic creatures. The hospitality of the locals was excellent. It definitely makes any tourist very welcomed to this place.

At 5.00pm, we were back on board to begin sailing for Sa Dec, our next destination as we enjoyed the ‘Cocktail of the Day’ (Vodka, Blue Curacao & Sprite) in the Saigon Lounge.  Then a briefing was provided by Minh, the Cruise Manager regarding the next day’s excursion.  The night culminated with a tune from the resident pianist at the Saigon Lounge. This was followed by a song performance from the remarkable and multi-skilled Tour Guides.

In this article, I am delighted to feature APT (Australian Pacific Touring) who fully sponsored my 8-days luxury cruise of the Mekong River. Visit to view list of ALL their product offerings.

Our next destination to Sa Dec, the former resident town of Huynh Thuy Le, a son of a wealthy Chinese family who had a long-term affair with a young French girl, Marguerite Duras.  Stay tuned for Day 3 article, ‘The Lover’

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