Four Seasons Resort Langkawi: A Luxurious Paradise and a Vacation Destination of a Lifetime!

Imagine sunbathing in-front of your own beach villa

Wow, I would love to stay here!’  I can vividly remember saying this phrase when I had the chance to inspect one of the 16 beach villas (plus 4 Family Beach Villas) in the majestic hideaway of Langkawi.  It was May of last year when I did a site visit at Four Seasons Resort in Langkawi. The place fits exactly like a beautiful postcard picture come to life.

In this article I am very pleased to feature Fours Seasons Resort Langkawi, proud full sponsor of my recent indulgent escape.  For more information about the resort, visit

On Sunday, I arrived in Langkawi from Penang via a comfortable 4-hour ferry ride.  The Four Seasons Resort Langkawi pride themselves on personal care and unrivalled service, which instantly shined from the moment I was picked up via the resort’s private car. Travel time from Penang Ferry Terminal to the resort is approximately 25 minutes.

The first thing that caught my attention upon arrival at the resort was the Greeting Pavillion which is set in a tropical lush landscape and in the midst of a reflective pond, creating a serene ambience. I was welcomed and escorted by the Sales Staff, who offered me refreshment while I was checking in.  A few moments later, I was met and greeted by Philippe Larrieu, the Resort Manager.

Within 10 minutes, an electric cart picked me up and brought me to the comfort of my upgraded beach villa. I was really amazed on the room assigned to me.

Wow” was the first word uttered.  It was an instant rebirth of a memory of absolute luxury facing the splendid beachside and overlooking the azure sea.  The 220 m2 size beach villa proudly offers a massive living area in its luxuriously presented tropical decor. I also noticed the  ‘welcome bowl of fresh fruits’ on the living centre table.  Each room of the villa offers an alluring view of the beachfront or the lush surrounds.

There are two separate rooms:  one for guest to indulge in a private spa treatment and another one equipped with an oversized writing desk that overlooks the outdoor pond.  On the side panel is a personalized mini bar with an espresso machine. The high ceiling and the space, suited to accommodate comfortably 2 adults or a family of up to 4 children, is the best feature of the villa.

The bathroom suite was impressive.  It offers twin vanities:  a massive size soaking tub fitted with a music unit and lounging couch that overlooks a stunning private lush garden with an outdoor shower.  On the same floor, you will find another walkway leading to 3 sections:  the separate walk-in wardrobe, separate shower and a separate toilet.

As you step out of the room, you will see one of the best offerings of the villa (to add on to the luxury of being in ideal beachfront location):  a stunning white sandy beach featuring a beautifully landscaped tropical garden leading to a daybed to relax on, a plunge pool on my right hand side and a beach bed, in front of the villa, perfectly positioned for sunbathing.

Sunset & Cocktail time at Rhu Bar

At 6 pm 2 mini bottles of ‘Hennessy Cognac’ were delivered.  At 6.45 pm I was picked up in a buggy to get to the Rhu Bar, perfectly in time to watch the sunset as I sat and enjoyed my favourite cocktail.  The Rhu Bar exudes a Middle Eastern ambience;  it was definitely an ultimate spot for a pre dinner drink while enjoying the stunning blue sea views.

At 7.30 pm, I had dinner at Ikan-Ikan, which is located in a pleasant garden overlooking the azure sea.  From the idyllic location to the friendly service of the staff and the variety of Malaysian cuisine offered altogether made my first dining experience an exceptionally and enjoyable one.  The outstanding service of the crew is something that I noticed right away, making my experience far more pleasurable.

At 9 pm, I was back to my villa and it was all set for me to just go to bed; the bathroom was cleaned and refreshed, room lights turned off, bed-side lamp turned on, curtains closed, water on the side table and slippers at the bottom bed. I slept like a baby from the moment my head hits the comfort pillow and heard the hypnotic sound of the waves from the sea.  One of the best sleeps I have had in a long time.

Monday, after a hearty breakfast at Serai Restaurant, I met up with the lovely Helena Sedoh, resort’s PR

Co-ordinator and Greg Pirkle, General Manager.  I spent the rest of the day and night with a full R&R in the beach villa. And in the rarest moment I just didn’t feel like going elsewhere but rather to stay and enjoy in the comfort of my own villa all by myself.

Tuesday, I had an early start, waking up at 6.15 am.  At 7.30 am I joined the ‘Jalan Jalan’ complimentary walk tour with Farly, the resort’s Resident Naturalist, for a quick ocular visit of the resort’s garden, which included the organic herbal patch, obviously the root to all delectable Malaysian cuisine.

After enjoying another delicious breakfast, I attended the resort’s Yoga class for some breathing techniques.

A comforting getaway should always be combined with a spa experience.  Four Seasons Resort offers the ultimate diversion of this experience at their Six spa pavilion, located in a secluded, beautiful and tranquil setting amongst the reflecting ponds.  Four Seasons spa provides you a pacifying, relaxing and indulgent experience, with or without the company of your partner.

Four Seasons Resort Langkawi has received numerous accolades in the hotel and service industry. To name few: it ranked as 4th Best Beach Resort in South East Asia in 2010 by UK Gallivanter’s Awards for Excellence, named Best For Service, Rooms and Design in Asia 2011 Conde Nast Traveler USA, Gold List.

During my 3- day stay, there was no doubt that no other resorts in Malaysia could have surpassed my expectation with Four Seasons.  Four Seasons Resort Langkawi has definitely captured the winning masterpiece destination, in luxury and excellence category.

Thank you Four Seasons Resort Langkawi for the unforgettable ideal beachfront escape.

As I continued my Asian trip, I had the opportunity to reconnect with some of my Australian friends, especially during my trips in Malaysia and Thailand.  Stay tuned for the next article.

© 2012 by Michelle Riel, retains sole copyright to her contributions to all the contents of this site.

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